Jim's     Auto     Repair     And     Rowing    

This is the engine out of rons f250 with future plans for a strait axle conversion, a lift and a lot of other goodies.  But first something has to be done with this worn out, busted boat anchor.


So first we found a good, low milage engine from a rv with 30,000 miles.  we disassembled and inspected bearings and rings, everything looked brand new. heads went of to the machine shop for a check over and valve spring change for the new performance cam.  meantime we started the assembly of the short block.


We installed a new oil pan, timing chain and water pump taking care to sandblast and paint all other parts.    

With the cylender heads back from the machine shop ( thanks to the good work of Mid South Machine Shop Athens TN) its starting to look like a engine now.

Time for accessories and brackets.

Now we're waiting for a new edelbrock intake manifold, billet fuel rails and valve covers.

Stay tuned thers more to come after the holidays, Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!